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Kick the Carbs!

Fat for Fuel!

Using the Ketogenic Diet to improve our health.

Oct 2, 2017

Marvin Penick lost 68 pounds on a ketogenic diet this past year in preparation for his daughter’s wedding.  He started on his health journey with eating a primal diet with information from Mark Sisson.  He gradually lowered his carb counts each week.  He had a friend challenge him on talking his weight loss more seriously.  That was the motivation he needed to drastically lower his carbs.  He started working with a life coach that also helped him figure out his “why”.


If you would like to work with Marvin and have him coach you one to success, you can contact him at:

Facebook:  MarvinLifeCoach


Instagram: @MarvinLifeCoach

Keto Frosting Snack

Package of cream cheese

Stick of butter

3 tablespoons coconut oil

Sweetener of your choice


Mint extract



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