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Kick the Carbs!

Fat for Fuel!

Using the Ketogenic Diet to improve our health.


Keto : A Family's Journey to Health is a podcast chronicling the transition to a ketogenic diet. We want to kick the carbs and have our body use fat for fuel. Each week you can get 'In the Kitchen With Kim' and share your 'Weekly Wins'.

Kim and Ryan are not doctors, dieticians, or nutritional therapy practitioners.  We are 2 adults incorporating the ketogenic way of eating into our lifestyle.  We have 2 boys that we are hoping to transition off pre-processed food to a paleo diet way of eating.

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This is Ryan and Kim in May 2017.  This is our before picture.  We got 'serious' about the ketogenic diet in July 2017. I will update in a couple of months with a new picture.

Ryan and Kim Keto Before Picture